Vielen Dank, dass Sie sich das digitale Briefpapier heruntergeladen haben. Der Downloadprozess von MacNulis ist in weniger als einer halben Minute abgeschlossen. Jetz müssen Sie nur noch MacNulis mit der PDF Ihres Briefpapierdesign verbinden, um sofort mit der Erstellung von digitalen Briefpapier starten zu können.

We hope you enjoy MacNulis

Setup tutorial


System requirements: at least MacOS 10.11, 34,9 MB Space    
Version: 2.7 ( 29. October 2019)

Der Downloadvorgang von MacNulis besteht aus drei einfachen Schritten: MacNulis herunterladen, das Software öffnen und installieren und abschließend MacNulis öffnen und mit der PDF des eigenen Firmenbriefpapiers verbinden.

MacNulis 2.5


With MacNulis, you can effortlessly connect digital documents to the PDF of your own stationery design template, transforming any neutral document into a distinctive, proprietary corporate identity, including the company’s regulatory information, in just one click.

With version 2.1, the functionality of MacNulis to a template menu, the differentiated editing of start and follow pages, the ability to replace existing watermarks by the exchange of layers in the background and the option without having to leave MacNulis, the document content to position, extended.

Version 2.2 opens your saved document automatically and directly after you have successfully linked it to your template.
In addition, the language setting automatically changes to English if the system settings have a language other than German.

With version 2.3 it is now possible to change directly to the print dialog after editing the PDF.

With version 2.4 we have fixed the bug that since the last update when editing the following pages the program has crashed if no stationery has been selected for the following pages.

With version 2.5 we have re-adapted the design of MacNulis and created the support of stationery with the US Letter Format.

With version 2.6 it is now possible to open the finished document with the standard e-mail program as an attachment when saving it. 

Important update with version 2.7: A bug which caused a program crash when starting MacNulis under macOS Catalina(10.15) was fixed.

Above all, MacNulis should do one thing: support you. Therefore, functionality combined with a user-friendly interface has the highest priority for us.

Do you have any suggestions or suggestions for improvements?
Then write us. We are happy about every hint.

This makes MacNulis even more comfortable and flexible in its application:

• To unlock restricted access to MacNulis 2.5 features, you must purchase and activate it.

• To use all the features of MacNulis, you do not need an Internet connection.

• The program can be accessed via the icon in the Apple menu bar.