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Questions & Answers

How long can I test MacNulis?

You can test MacNulis as long as you want to. However, a watermark can be seen in every document in the trial version.

Which data formats does MacNulis support?

MacNulis supports every data format of well-known text, calculation or presentation programs that use the standard print dialogue, e.g. MS Office, iWorks, LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

Where do I enter the activation code which has been sent to me by mail after download?

Open “License” in the MacNulis navigation bar. (shortcut cmd L). There you will be able to enter the code to activate the app.

Is there any short introduction video for MacNulis?

Yes. Click on this link to start our tutorial. Within only 2 minutes you learn how to record PDF- stationery template in MacNulis and how to connect a digital document with your stationery.

Where do I find my MacNulis template?

You can find your own template in the print menu option under the column PDF

On how many computers can I install MacNulis?

With a license you can install MacNulis on 2 computers using the program simultaneously.

What do I have to do to use MacNulis on a new computer?

If you have already installed MacNulis on two systems, please deactivate one access in order to use the now vacant activation code on the newer computer.

Is MacNulis available for other operating systems, too?

MacNulis is an app specialized for the use of Mac products.

Why is MacNulis called MacNulis?

It is called MacNullis for the simple reason that it is an app only available for MAC and because nulis means stationary in the language of the people from the south pacific Island Java. Who doesn’t dream about working under palmtrees?