Make any document paperfree with digital stationery

Make any document paperfree with digital stationery

Your benefits at a glance


MacNulis transforms your bills, product information and charts into PDF files ready for dispatch using your design.


Stationery is expensive. Each and every new print costs your firm more money. Start digitalizing your stationery now!


No matter where you are working, you can always connect your documents to your digital stationery for dispatch.


Forget about paperwork that requires a lot of effort. Digital stationery allows you to manage your office work in seconds.

4 reasons to use MACNulis


The Foundation of a designed letterhead is the Corporate Design

Corporate Design (CD) is part of corporate identity and defines the visual appearance of an organization.
In times of an increasing flood of information and interchangeability of products, corporate design creates a company profile through a unique and unmistakable appearance that is easily recognizable; making good corporate design an important competitive advantage.
Generally, these guidelines are written out in a handbook, the Corporate Design Manual. It contains the basic visual elements (logo, corporate typeface, corporate color, design grid, etc.) as well as examples of potential design layouts.


Send your Corporate Digital Mails in a uniform way

A business letter is any externally directed communication to one or more recipients “to matter what form”. Whether a message is sent in paper form by letter or postcard, as fax or online as e-mail or as PDF is irrelevant. The mandatory information must be included. The emotional effect of letterhead is at least as important as the communication of information regulated by legislation. Even a cursory glance at the letterhead triggers ideas and expectations on the part of the recipient. The logo, the size and placement of the logo, font color, the font, as well as the arrangement of the required information are assessed and evaluated in their entirety in milliseconds.
Thus, the company stationery, like the business card and the company sign, contributes to conveying a brand statement, a corporate identity.


Digital letterhead that looks like a printed letterhead

Increasing digitization has revolutionized the entire corporate and private communication culture. Business letters, previously printed on company paper and sent by mail, are now being created and sent digitally by an increasing number of companies – and as a survey from the insurance industry shows, this trend is growing.


Surging demand for digital correspondence solutions

The German Insurance Association (GDV) found that the percentage of paper mail fell from 60% in 2014 to 52% in 2015. Even if the type of delivery changes, the effect does not. Business letters sent digitally also have an effect on branding, increase recognition value and create a distinctive identity both internally and externally; provided they are designed with a unique layout according to a well-thought-out corporate design concept. This this particularly true if the recipient(s) print documents created initially on the computer in Word, Excel or PowerPoint for filing

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