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Simply use digital stationery with every document

Do your business mail without any paper or printer in only 4 easy steps with digital stationery!

Schritt eins: PDF Ihres Firmenbriefpapiers in MacNulis hinterlegen
1. Upload your desired stationery template as PDF format/file to MacNulis.
Schritt zwei: Wie gewohnt auf einem leeren Dokument einen Textdatei, Tabellenkalkulation oder Präsentation erstellen. MacNulis kann aus allen bekannten Programmen wie Beispielsweise iWorks, Microsoftware sowie Linux genutzt werden
2. Create texts, charts and presentations as usual.
Schritt drei: Das fertige gestellte Dokument mit MacNulis verbinden. Hierzu die Druckfunktion aktivieren und Öffnen mit MacNulis anklicken.
3. Connect your finished document with MacNulis.
Schritt vier: Durch den Klick auf Mit MacNulis verbinden innerhalb der Druckermenus wird Ihr Dokument mit Ihrem Firmenbriefpapierdesign verbunden und automatisch als versandfertige PDF gespeichert.
4. Save the document as PDF file to your CI/CD and send it via mail.

Always the right design

No need to print and scan your stationery for electronic dispatch.

MacNulis offers you to stay in your digital workflow. MacNulis connects your stationery design
template with easy access from any application to your content.

No need to create templates on your own.

MacNulis transfers your stationery automatically by just one click. The only thing you must do is
adjusting the space.

Accessible from every application

When working with MacNulis only a text, chart or presentation program with access to printing is
required. MacNulis connects every document with the PDF file of your stationery easily.
Bildschirmfoto von MacNulis: So sieht MacNulis auf Ihrem Mac aus.

Your benefits at a glance


+ more efficiency – less stress

Focus on the essentials and delegate the rest. MacNulis transforms your bills, product information or chart with
your stationary design as PDF ready for dispatch.

Adjustable from anywhere – even when on the road

No matter where you are working, you can always connect your digital documents with your stationary for
electronic dispatch. The proper corporate design is just one click away.

Forget postage and save working time

Letter post saves labor and time: forget about bills, which require a great deal of time and effort.

Save printing costs and paper

Stationery is expensive and each and every print costs more money when at the same time almost
every third printed paper ends up in the trash.
 MacNulis is easy on the environment because with this innovative Mac app, you'll be able to transfer your corporate stationery design to any of your digital documents without paper, printer and scanner.

The Introduction of the Paperless Office and Advantages of Digitization

Simply switch to a paper-reduced or paperless office life.
Send your quotes, orders, and invoices digitally and use digitization to minimize printing costs and paper consumption. Save valuable office time with the paperless office by eliminating filing and paper mail.
Switch to the paperless office with MacNulis for more efficiency and less stress.
Die innovative App MacNulis für Mac User ersetzt mühsame und zeitraubende Prozesse bei der Digitalisierung von Geschäftsbriefen auf Firmenbriefpapierdesign.

Digital Stationery – A Distinctive Digital Look

Give your electronic mail a unique look. Today, business success is closely tied to the ability to make a positive first impression. This also applies to digital correspondence with customers, prospects and service providers. Until now, this has been a laborious, tedious, and time-consuming process.

With MacNulis, any file is just a click away from your corporate design.

MacNulis überträgt in nur einem Schritt Firmenlogo und Firmeninformationen auf jeden digitalen Geschäftsbrief

Digital Correspondence – Always Have the Right Design

Digital documents are also subject to legal requirements as well as recommended standards. As soon as you have created the initial pdf document with the letterhead, logo, and all required information MacNulis makes it possible for you to send digitally created documents for any implementation on your individual stationary. This enables you to easily send your corporate mail with always the right design.
Ein aufgeräumter Schreibtisch, frei von Papierbergen, sieht nicht nur gut aus, er unterstützt auch die Arbeitskonzentration.

Digitization in the Office - Small Changes Making a Big Impact

The fact is that virtually no other strategy can save money as quickly as digitalizing your office. This does not even require a larger budget. Using MacNulis does not require substantial investment but gives all employees a tool to connect a digitally created document to the corporate stationery designed PDF with a single click.
MacNulis schont die Umwelt, weil Sie mit dieser innovativen Mac App in die Lage versetzt werden, ohne Papier, Drucker und Scanner Ihr Firmenbriefpapier Design auf jedes Ihrer digitalen Dokument zu übertragen.

Electronic Invoice Delivery – Switch Over and Save Costs

If invoices are sent by conventional mail, a company foregoes a considerable effect on fiscal savings. The elimination of the signature requirement makes it easy to switch to electronic invoicing. Send your invoices as digital PDF. Use MacNulis to easily connect your invoices to your digital company stationery.

Feedback from our users.

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Nathalie Wilhelmsen

Nathalie Wilhelmsen


I do not need as much time to place our logo and address as before. Nowadays everything is done in seconds.

Simon Elert

Simon Elert


As Sales Representative answering many different requests is part of my daily routine. I literally have no time for
formatting things.

Matthias Krug

Matthias Krug


As freelancer I want to work as effectively as possible. MacNulis helps me with that by sending business letters
fast but professionally.

Das Logo von MacNulis symbolisiert einen gestalteten Briefbogen
Der moderne Schriftzug steht für die innovative App MacNulis, das digitale Briefpapier für Ihren Mac für den einfachen Umstieg in das papierlose Büro
Transfer digital documents in your own corporate design effortlessly.
For a sharp corporate identity in the digital correspondence.
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System requirements:

From MacOS 10.11+, 34,9 MB Space

Latest version:

2.7 ( 29. October 2019)

From $89,-  (per license)